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Housing opportunity July 1, East Bay, North Oakland

Seeking a housemate, as the current one is moving out at the end of June. If you know of anyone who might be interested, please tug my coat. Thanks.


$600/mo, month-to-month, no deposit, first month up-front/prorated for mid-month move-in. Available July 1. There's one 10 x 9 foot bedroom with a small closet and bathroom access. There's a dresser available, if you like. On the other side of the bathroom, there is a much larger study you would also get primary use of. It has a supplemental closet that would be yours (and a second one for cleaning supplies).


At the moment, utilities (gas, electric, water, sewage) are included, though this could change

3 blocks from Ashby BART



Walking distance to several groceries, including Berkeley Bowl, Whole Foods, Andronico's, and Safeway.

Gas stove

Small deck out back

Largely a quiet-ish, friendly neighborhood


About me: Unrepentant meat-eater. Black, kinky, poly, genderqueer, sex-positive, teetotaler. I work (Research Assistant, Sex Worker--film) and go to school (pre-nursing/emt), so I wouldn't be the best roommate for an extrovert. I spend a lot of time studying, and consider home to be a sanctuary where I might find a little peace and hear myself think. I have been known to be quite neat, and I have been known to be a little messy. In general, I try to confine my mess to my bedroom, and do my dishes within 24 hours, and appreciate the same from others. Unfortunately, this is not a wheelchair-accessible space. There is not really much of a yard, but there is a nice deck out back. A cat could probably be ok, but we might need to discuss with upstairs neighbors more on that point.


Upstairs in their own unit: There is a "quiet, middle-aged couple" (that is how I was advised to describe them to my mom, years back) and 2 cats. They embody the way-cool. We are chosen-family.


You: We’re looking for someone who is sober or is comfortable with no drinking, etc. in the house, queer/genderqueer, sex-positive, comfortable with the smell of cooking meat, creative, keeps the house tidy, enjoys down time and social time, good communicator, *no smokers.*


Questions? Like to come see? Give a shout.




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Let me know what comes of this. Do you want me to repost?

[identity profile] 2010-05-29 04:51 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm a friend of Gina's and my boyfriend is potentially looking for a place. Email me @ veganbatman at gmail dot com for more info/a potential meeting.